Healing and forgiving with Ho'oponopono

Twin Flame Journey Guidance
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Ho'oponopono is a powerful practice for letting go of the past and coming to peace.

It helps us transform tension we're carrying from challenging situations and old memories, lifting the burden you've carried and brings clarity and healing energy.

Forgiving the past - your past relationships, yourself, your family - will help you come more into alignment with the energy of your Soul.

This practice is especially useful for letting go of triggers in your twin flame relationship, by releasing any resentment you still hold for your twin.

Recently Ho'oponopono has come into popular culture as 4 phrases: I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

While these phrases are a useful transformative practice, Ho'oponopono has a much greater depth. Living in Hawaii has given me the opportunity to study 5 different forms of Ho'opopono with Kahuna (shaman or really, those who Know) of Hawaii.

For nearly a decade, I've used 3 of those forms with clients and in my own life. It has transformed lives and relationships in countless ways-- eliminating stress and triggers, reducing anger, and bringing a deep sense of peace and inner freedom.

Ho'ponopono is, simply put, a supertool for mental freedom.

In this class, you'll learn my 3 favorite ways to use this practice in your life. ​

You'll get:

- 2 Hour Online Interactive workshop, video and audio

- BONUS Kalana (forgiveness hut) Ho’oponopono meditation recording 

- BONUS Higher self, conscious mind, + subconscious Ho’oponopono practice

Here's how this practice has transformed past students lives:

My relationship “issues” disappeared after last nights class and I’ve been loving my man and ‘us together’ more than I’ve done for a long time all day!! This Ho’oponopono really works magically! - JOSA

The Ho'oponopono class helped me a lot, very new approach to love my subconscious instead of judging it :)) - JUDITA

I was part of this incredible zoom yesterday and cannot even put it all in words. For some time now, everytime I went to a beach, I got totally stressed w my daughter - big arguments and not much fun - when I opened my door to forgiveness and entered the Hawaiian beach I knew instantly I was at the right place - in the hut - it was incredible forgiving.Today we had an amazing and completely peaceful time at the beach - first time I ever remember as suchBeen going to the hut a lot today meeting with many people and got loads of my energy back as well as returned it to the others What an awesome creation and choice.​So much gratitude & love. - GABRIELE

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Audio and video recordings, + PDF file


Healing and forgiving with Ho'oponopono

0 ratings
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